The building comprises the main hall, small hall, committee room, a fully equipped kitchen, kitchenette, toilets and shower room. All entrances are suitable for disabled people and there is an accessible toilet including a shower. A baby changing unit is also in this toilet. There is a separate shower room. The Hall is Wi-Fi enabled with broadband Internet.

There’s a Yamaha, seven octave digital piano.

Parking: During the evening and at weekends, there are about 30 parking spaces for Hall users. There are 10-12 spaces at the front of the building available during the working day, but there is a public car park and paid on-street parking nearby. An external bicycle rack is also available.

Tables and Chairs: 10 large (1830 x 760mm) (approx 6ft x 2.5ft) and 10 small (915 x 610mm) (approx 3ft x 2ft) Gopak tables stored on trolleys are available.  There are also three tilt-topped tables in the small hall. 60 upholstered folding chairs stacked on a trolley are available for use in the main hall and 40 and 12 armchairs in small hall.


The Main Hall is approximately 50 x 30 ft / 15 x 9m with a hardwood floor

  • An Audio Visual System comprising:
    • a 2.7m screen and 4 speakers. For video you will need to bring a laptop computer with connecting leads (HDMI or VGA + audio).
    • 4 wireless microphones (2 handheld, 2 beltpack + lavalier / neckband mics)
    • audio from a mobile phone or laptop using wireless (bluetooth) or wired connection.
    • An audio induction loop system (AFILS) for the hard of hearing.
    • Detailed instructions  are posted next to AV system
  • The lower level lighting can be controlled by dimmer switches to suit requirements.
  • Coloured lighting (in various modes) can be used.  (Instructions posted next to controller) – see video.


The Small Hall is approximately 30 x 20 ft / 9 x 6m and may be hired separately. It contains 3 tilt-topped tables (1400 x 800mm) that can be tilted and wheeled aside when not needed, and 12 comfortable chairs (6 of which can be stacked). A 75 inch 4K TV screen is provided for connection to a laptop via HDMI. An audio induction loop system (AFILS) is provided for the hard of hearing.


The main kitchen has a serving hatch to the main hall and a cooker with two ovens, a commercial-grade dishwasher, an instant hot and chilled water dispenser, a refrigerator, a microwave oven, crockery, cutlery and other kitchen utensils.



A kitchenette, adjacent to the small hall, has a microwave, hot water dispenser, crockery and cutlery.



The Committee Room is approximately 13 x 9 ft / 4 x 2.7m and may be hired separately. It includes a large whiteboard.