Making a booking


You may use this link to check availability of the three rooms in the Hall.  You may also look at our list of regular bookings.

You can use these links to see details of our charges and conditions of hire. Also our additional conditions of hire needed to achieve COVID-19 security.

Please check the Facilities page for information about the rooms.

To make a booking, please first check our availability page to see if the date and time you require is free, then use our booking request form, when you will be contacted by our Bookings Manager, Sylvia Lauder. (If necessary, Sylvia can be contacted on 07792 567189).

Please note that shared use of the Hall will limit your use of the Hall for some activities and may mean that you may not have access to all facilities. In particular, the regular booking of the Small Hall, 9am-2pm Tuesday-Friday, means that the kitchen adjacent to the Main Hall may not be available to other users (the small kitchen can be used to prepare hot drinks).

Payment is due within one week of finalising your booking. Regular long-term bookings are invoiced monthly, or by arrangement.

You may pay on-line with BACS (preferred).  Cheques should be made payable to “St Luke’s Church Hall”.

Users must ensure that there is always a nominated person responsible for:

  • the lawful use of the Hall
  • security
  • the care of the property and contents
  • the safety of occupants
  • the reasonable behaviour of all people using the Hall and the car park

Unless instructed to the contrary, the trustees will assume that the person who collects the key is responsible for the above aspects

Regular, long-term users holding their own key should make arrangements to meet the above requirement and should notify the Bookings Manager of the name and telephone number of the responsible person.

The Hall must not be used for any purpose other than that declared to the Hall Bookings Manager when the booking was made, nor by any person or group other than the one that made the booking.

If the Trustees are obliged to cancel a booking for any reason, they shall only be liable to refund money already paid.


  • 9am – 1pm
    • 1-2pm = handover period
  • 2pm – 6pm
    • 6-7pm = handover period
  • 7pm – 11pm
    • 11-11.30pm = closedown period



For all bookings unless a discounted rate applies

  • Main hall – £75
  • Small hall – £42
  • Committee – £25
  • Whole building – £124


For bookings by clubs and societies and for children’s daytime parties (main hall only)

Also for regular bookings

  • Main hall – £59
  • Small hall – £33
  • Committee – £20
  • Whole building – £97


For bookings by registered charities

Also for regular bookings by discount rate users

  • Main hall – £43
  • Small hall – £24
  • Committee – £14
  • Whole building – £71


(These apply to the use of the Hall, its exterior and grounds)

The Hirer/Keyholder is responsible for the care and security of the property and its contents, the safety of the occupants, and the behaviour of all those using the Hall and the car park. The Hirer shall have adequate insurance for all legal liabilities which could arise, including death or personal injury, to third parties (including employees and volunteers) or damage to the property or the property of others, arising out of their occupation and activities whilst at the Hall.

Keyholders are responsible for the security of the keys. Their name and contact details must be lodged with the Hall Bookings Manager and kept up to date.

A Temporary Event Notice (TEN) must be obtained from Cheltenham Borough Council for the sale or supply of alcohol or the provision of regulated entertainment (see Cheltenham Borough Council info on TENs)

Any activities with children must comply with the provisions of the Children’s Act 2004.  The Hirer is responsible for the supervision and control of children and young or vulnerable people during the hire period and the conduct of all persons present.  The Hirer confirms that they are compliant with the safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults aspects of their public liability insurance.

The Hirer must comply with legislation regarding food and hygiene preparation, (serving and selling of food).

Evidence of compliance with the above conditions must be produced on request.

Any alteration or extension to the booking times must be arranged in advance. The Hall must only be used for the purpose stated at the time of booking.

Parking spaces 11-28 at the rear of the hall are not to be used Monday-Friday during the working day. Cars must be parked in designated places without causing an obstruction.

Care must be taken to avoid noise nuisance reaching neighbouring houses particularly through open doors and windows, or from users behaving inconsiderately outside the Hall.

Any electrical appliances must be in good working order and used in a safe manner.

The Hirer shall ensure that the Hall is left secure, clean and tidy with rubbish removed.

The Hirer shall make use of the check list provided.

The Hirer agrees to pay for the repair of any damage or loss.

The Trustees are not responsible for the loss or damage to any personal property.

The Hirer will be asked to sign these Terms and Conditions (preferably on-line, otherwise in person) before using the Hall.

TERMS & CONDITIONS OF HIRE (COVID-19) -updated Aug 2020

Additional Terms & Conditions of Hire for St Luke’s Hall due to COVID-19 requirements and restrictions 2020.

The hirer/ group leader and key holders have the responsibility to ensure that these terms and conditions are carried out.


General Procedure

1. The hirer must keep a record of contact details of all participants in any booking session. The maximum number of individuals allowed in the main hall is 28 and in the small hall 12. The 2m social distancing is being followed until further notice. If there are attendees from the same household these numbers maybe increased after consultation with the Bookings Manager telephone 07792567189.

2. The hirer is responsible for ensuring that no member of the group with COVID-19 symptoms enters the building.

3. If anyone develops COVID-19 symptoms within 7 days of visiting St Luke’s Church Hall, the hirer must alert the Bookings Manager telephone 07792567189.  Test, Track and Trace is to be alerted.

4. A person who becomes unwell at the hall with suspected COVID-19 symptoms must wait in the reception area for transport home or to hospital. Contact details of all the attendees of that booking session should be known to the hirer who will advise them to leave and inform Test, Track and Trace and the Bookings Manager telephone 07792567189 as the building will then be closed for 72 hours and deep cleaned before reopening.

5. The hirer/key holder is responsible for opening and setting up for the session. This is to be done before the group members enter. The main door/s is/are to be left open until all members have entered and then locked to avoid unknown persons entering. Use hand sanitiser (unless wearing clean rubber gloves) in the lobby and deactivate the alarm. Open and tie back the inner doors. Open both doors to the main hall or proceed to the small hall. This is to prevent members touching the doors unnecessarily. If using small hall when the main hall is already in use enter by the left hand side door up the ramp. Keep this door open for group to enter. Bookings can be checked on the hall website.

6. Do not allow members to crowd at the entrance doors but adhere to social distancing as marked out by the tape on the ground.

7. Use hand sanitiser on entry and exit. There is a dispenser in the front porch, one in reception, one by the rear door in the main hall and one by the outside door of the small hall.

8. The rear fire exit doors in the main hall as well as the front door can be used for ease of exit adhering to social distancing. The mechanism at the bottom of the door must be properly engaged when closing. Advise your group to use the side door for entry to and exit from the small hall. The group leader will enter and exit by the front door if no group is in the main hall on arrival or departure in order to disarm and set the alarm. The small hall outside door must be locked before departure. If in doubt please test from the outside as it can be locked with the key. Group members are to exit following social distancing in an orderly manner from both halls.

9. Do not to touch anything unnecessarily in the hall.

10. There will also be a small sanitising station consisting of hand sanitiser, anti-viral spray and paper towels by the main hall doors. Anti- viral sprays and paper towels will also be found in the small hall and kitchenette. Used paper towels must be disposed of in the bins provided. Encourage individuals to bring hand sanitiser for personal use

11. The main kitchen will be closed until further notice. The kitchenette will be open providing cold and hot tap water, hot water heater, fridge and microwave. No crockery, glassware or cutlery will be available. All drinks and food containers must be taken away.

12. If the kitchenette has been used, the surfaces and handles must be wiped down with antiviral spray and paper towel before departure. Place used paper towel in the bin but no other rubbish.

13. It is suggested that persons setting out chairs should wear gloves.

14. Place chairs to face in one direction so that the middle of the front of each one is in line with the marking tape which has been placed to mark the spot a person should stand on at the correct social distance. If there are any couples in your group, chairs could be placed next to each other with the floor marking centred between them.

15. Wipe the chair frames with antiviral spray before stacking them back on the trolleys. The use of chairs will be sprayed by staff while on the trolleys and  rotated to ensure that there is a 72 hour period of non use between sessions.

16. Wipe down tables using antiviral spray and paper towels provided and dispose of used paper towels in the bins provided. Store the tables to face one way as usual on the trolleys.

17. Ensure that your group members adhere to the social distancing directive at all times. In particular be alert when walking along the corridor or waiting outside a toilet.

18. It is advised to keep the rooms well ventilated. Windows can be unlocked/locked  using the keys which are on hooks next to the central heating controls in either hall.  Hirers/key holders should open windows at the beginning of the session and sanitise their hands before opening and after closing or wear clean rubber gloves. Similarly if curtains need to be drawn. In both cases restrict the number of persons touching these to one person per session.

19. Hirer/group leader must advise the Bookings Manager if group wishes to use AV system and requires any equipment. Sanitise hands before touching the control boxes.

Use of Toilet

1. There can only be one person in any of the toilets at any one time unless a child is being accompanied by a parent or a person with a carer.

2. The sliding vacant and engaged sign is to be used on entry and exit to avoid confusion and violating social distancing.

3. Observe social distancing if waiting. The corridor is too narrow to pass each other.

4. Only the cubicle in the men’s toilet will be in use. The urinals will be inaccessible until further notice due to presenting a high risk.

5. Only one wash basin and one cubicle will be available in the ladies’ toilet.

6. Sanitise hands on entry.

7. Use the antiviral spray and toilet paper to wipe toilet seats before and after use. Flush used toilet paper down the toilet.

8. Close the toilet lid before flushing

9. If the baby changing facility is used, sanitise before and after with antiviral spray and paper towel which must be disposed of in the bin not flushed down the toilet. Take away dirty nappies for disposal at home.

10. Wash your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds before leaving the toilet. Run the tap until hot water is delivered (which can take a few moments).

11. The hand dryers previously identified as a danger due to droplets, are in use until further notice.

12. If anyone brings antiviral wipes for personal use, these must not be flushed down the toilets but disposed of in the bins provided.

13. Use the hand sanitiser on exit after touching the toilet door handles and the vacant/engaged notice.

Use of Kitchenette

1. Sanitise hands on entry or wear rubber gloves.

2. Only one person in kitchenette at any one time.

3. The hot water heater will be on.

4. The microwave may be used but the outside must be wiped down after use.

5. There will be no kitchen equipment available until further notice.

6. Please wipe down the worktop and any other surface that has been touched with the antiviral spray and paper towel.

7. All rubbish apart from used paper towels must be taken away. Do not put used rubber gloves in the waste bin. They need to be taken home with you for safe disposal.

Use of Main Kitchen

Closed until further notice.


I agree to abide by the above Terms and Conditions


The Hirer will be asked to sign these Terms and Conditions (preferably on-line, otherwise in person) before using the Hall
St Luke & St John Ecclesiastical Charity – Registered Charity No: 1078441